Our goal
is clients’ success and future growth

We will:
Reflect the needs and views of our customers and stakeholders in developing and delivering this policy.

Collectively, our team of corporate event planning experts has over 150+ years of experience in the events industry. Our multi-faceted team of professionals utilizes our unique strength as an event production company by designing concepts which transform your vision into astonishing reality. We are happy to work for you!

Our customers expect us to be stewards of the environment, as they value it highly. The Inescon® Group is committed to looking after and protecting the environment. We will therefore develop and deliver this Environment Policy with the aim of continually improving our environmental management system to enhance our performance in line with customer and stakeholder expectations. The Executive Leadership Team is responsible for this policy and performance.

We Reflect the needs and views of our customers and stakeholders in developing and delivering this policy

Conform to our compliance obligations by meeting or exceeding the environmental requirements of legislation, regulation and our adopted standards
Prevent pollution, eliminate serious pollution incidents and contain the environmental impact of our activities
Provide sustainable and reliable services and products that minimise both nuisance and carbon emissions, taking into account the opportunities to mitigate and offset the impact of global climate change.

Be a good and trusted neighbour, be a steward for the environment wherever we operate within a framework that supports and monitors sustainable development
Incorporate sustainable development principles to balance economic, environmental and social aspects in our business decisions
Develop indicators with measurable performance targets and report progress against these annually protect the environment by promoting the sustainable and efficient use and conservation of water, energy and natural resources
Promote the purchase and use of materials in a way that minimises potential environmental effects
Minimise waste by first considering prevention, then preparation for re-use, recycling and finally recovery
Ensure we have the skills and knowledge to improve our environmental performance
Deliver assets that maintain sound environmental performance, protecting biodiversity and natural ecosystems during asset delivery
Learn from our successes and from incidents, sharing best practice
Collaborate with customers, contractors, regulators, suppliers and other stakeholders to achieve our vision